The Writer-Web is the ad network that user disseminate information to local markets around the world.
Here, the user of social media and blogs around the world will be the writer.

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International Translation matching

The international local translated matching is a service for matching and "people who want to request translation" around the world with "translator".

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Service management companies

Bussiness has no borders.

In our company, by connecting companies and business persons around the world, we are conducting a variety of support activities, so that you can be achieved the purpose.
Since we will try my best so that we can be helpful to everyone of the various positions such as a client or user or worker or partner , please contact us at first.
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Business summary

Worker registrant of the outsourcing businessis are more than 100,000 in Japan and abroad. And we are developing a marketing business between the world countries.
  • Outsourcing Business
  • Marketing Business
  • Content service provider business