What are the international local translator matching?

The international local translated matching is a service for matching and "people who want to request translation" around the world "translator".

For a while, the request of the translation and the registration of the translator is free. Therefore, please use willingly.


【To people who want to request translation】

It is not when you want to ask a simple translation?
Do not you looking for a local translator who understand the difference between each country's culture and customs?
Do not you think you want to translation at local distinctive wording?
The international local translation matching has the following features.

Here it is registered a lot of local translators.
· If you use here, it is possible local unique wording and expressions.
· If you use here you can reduce the waste translation costs.
・Translation costs is the local price.


【Towards the translator>】

Wherever you are, you can receive a request for your work of the translation from all over the world.
Because your registration is free, first make the registration of your own possible translation language. And let's look for your work of translation!
After registration, if your job that matches your information occurs, we will tell by e-mail.
When you receive the e-mail, please you have to the decision whether or not take on the work of its translation. And please reply by e-mail to us if you undertake.